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Marquee memories

Marquee Memories

Whether you were lined up around the block for “Star Wars” at the Crump, watching the newest western at the Rio, catching a matinee at the Mode after some downtown Shopping, or piling your friends into the trunk of your car to sneak them into the Columbus Drive-In, Columbus movie theaters have long been part of our collective memories.

Visit “Marquee Memories” to learn the history of our local movie theaters and their impact on Bartholomew County culture.

This exhibit will run through November 11. 


Marquee memories

Carole Wantz-The Columbus World of Wantz

Local Artist Carole Wantz painted some 150 paintings from 1975–1988 that show the Columbus area and its people at their best. Paintings include scenes from some of the most significant moments of that era, including several local families and Arvin Industries.  BCHS has 13 of Carole’s paintings in our new art exhibit gallery. 

Paintings will be on display through December 22.  

Ongoing museum exhibits

The Bartholomew County Historical Society is proud to host two permanent exhibit that share the history and heritage of Bartholomew County. Most recently we installed the Early Industrialists exhibit. Learn how early inventors and creatives worked together to strengthen their companies while developing relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. There are fascinating stories of grit, willpower, and commitment, showing how the Columbus Way has been in existence for over 100 years.

radio exhibit
new exhibit
timeline exhibit
timeline exhibit