James M. D. Reeves

James M. D. Reeves, son of Jabez and Nancy (Coe), was born in Rush County in 1844. He worked on the family farm in his early years and was educated in the rural schools. At age 16 he went to Knightstown-the family had not yet moved to Indiana-where he worked as salesman in a mercantile house.

The 1860 U.S. Census listed him as “literate.” Six years later he started his own dry goods business which he quit after a half-dozen or so years. At 25 years of age he married Mary Hill of Knightstown who gave birth to two children. He worked for a while in sales in Indianapolis, but in 1879 became a senior member of the Reeves Company in Columbus. Like other members of the clan, James voted the Democratic ticket and was a member of Columbus’ Christian Church.

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